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Martin Freeman | Nativity!

He makes such a cute pensive elf.


Thank you Matt Smith! 



sherlock fandom right now

get out your shock blankets

The Doctor Who fandom, too.

First and last lines


i will never be okay again


American Hustle is Ocean’s Eleven for J. Law fans. Click here to see what we mean by that!


"Don’t put metal in the science oven!" 


“If someone watches the [Golden] Globes and walks into a screening of Inside Llewyn Davis expecting a straight-up musical, but still winds up entranced by the songs, the melancholy filmmaking, and the quotable quips about cat scrotums, then frankly, that’s cause for celebration. On the other hand, if that theoretical person walks intoWolf Of Wall Street expecting a fizzy comedy and is greeted by the sight of Leonardo DiCaprio snorting cocaine out of a… well, let’s just say the Musical Or Comedy expectations could either work for or against some of these films.”

Jen Chaney’s awards-season column unpacks the Golden Globes’ head-scratching definition of “comedy or musical”—which this year includes Wolf Of Wall Street, American Hustle, Inside Llewyn Davis, Nebraska, and Her—and why it’s both good and bad for films that self-identify as funny. [Read more…]